O'NaturalCandle™ by Zamoo (2021 Version)
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👂🏼 More than 700,000 ears treated!
Say goodbye to cotton buds that can be dangerous to your ears.
Traditional cotton buds push dirt and wax further and further into the ear canal, it can even block your ear canal and cause infections, leading to hearing loss 
Ear wax candles are non-invasive and have been proven to be one of the most effective methods of safely removing wax and thoroughly cleaning the ears.
Known as a natural treatment since ancient times, they help remove the painful effects of chronic headaches, nasal congestion, reduce snoring, allergies, dizziness, as well as hearing loss due to ear wax build-up.
Our candle picks up all wax, bacteria and other debris from your ears, treats sinus infections and improves your hearing
Enjoy a professional treatment that is both effective and highly soothing.
  • Our candles are handmade from high-quality beeswax and cotton from the United States.
  • Each candle also contains a safety filter.
  • 100% natural and very safe to use.
  • These candles help to relax your body and mind. Their elongated shape provides a better absorbing effect.
  • No fragrances added. The candles release the natural aroma of beeswax to provide a complete therapeutic experience.
  • 30 days guarantee on your O'Natural products!
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